Vladimir J. Konečni
Vladimir J. Konečni
Psychologist, Writer

Date and place of birth: October 27, 1944, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia)

Citizenship: Serbia and USA

Highest degree: Ph.D. University of Toronto 1973; doctoral advisors: Daniel E. Berlyne, Anthony N. Doob, and Anatol Rapoport

Affiliation with University of California, San Diego (Department of Psychology):
1973 – 1978 Assistant Professor
1978 – 1982 Associate Professor (with tenure)
1982 – 2008 Professor
2008 – Emeritus Professor

Academic interests: Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Emotion, Cognitive Psychology, Legal Psychology, Aesthetics, Psychology of Art, Psychology of Music

Vladimir Konečni is of Serbian, Czech, and Austrian descent. He grew up in Belgrade (then the capital of Yugoslavia, now of Serbia). His parents were Dora D. Konečni (née Vasić), an economist and banker, and Josip J. Konečni, M.D., a Professor of Medicine at the University of Belgrade. Konečni is married and has two sons. He lives in San Diego (California, USA), Amsterdam (Holland), Tallinn (Estonia), and Belgrade (Serbia).

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